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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zombie Jesus Day

And the countdown begins! We have one week until the celebration of Zombie Jesus Day. Or... to the majority, Easter. I'll keep my personal opinions out of the mix and hope not to offend the masses but you can expect some borderline offensive images this week. I mean, presumably he did die and come back to life. If you ask me, that's the textbook definition of a zombie.
We'll kick things off with a great photograph of a zombie Easter bunny!

Followed by a great painting most of you have probably seen already. I would love to know who the artist of this is. If anyone knows the story, please drop me an email.

Finally, head over to Nakatomi and grab yourself a copy of this print by Omar Hauksson. "Romero 3:16" is limited to only 150 hand numbered pieces so act fast.


  1. Awesome, my favorite picture is the guy that showed up to the zombie parade dressed as Jesus.

  2. Love it, especially the Last Supper one! Brilliant.

  3. These are all just totally brilliant as Will said! I SO want to make a T-shirt out of that Last Supper one to wear to Easter dinner this year!

  4. If anyone is around the Philly area the 5th annual Zombie Crawl is this Sunday! Check it out it's a great time!


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