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Monday, March 15, 2010

We're Alive: A Zombie Podcast

Like with most everything else, my wife was right again. She's been telling me to look into podcasts for a year or more but I resisted insisting that music on my iPod was enough. Well, my new job allows me the benefit of using headphones and with a longer commute I decided to give these podcasts a whirl. She turned me on to some of her favorites like Ricky Gervais and The Nerdist but the fun really began when I started searching for zombies.

Introducing "We're Alive", a radio drama zombie podcast. The best way to describe it would be to say it's like listening to an old school radio drama. Think Little Orphan Annie from the movie A Christmas Story or the original broadcast of War of the Worlds. Since it is also narrated by the main character, you can throw in a dash of audio book for good measure. Each podcast is around 20 minutes long and are priced at a very affordable FREE.

Overall, I must say that I have been very pleased with We're Alive. There is not a lot of down time, it's immersive, the acting is good, the situations are mostly believable, and it has some unique twists. Look at it this way: I like it enough to hop on here and tell everyone reading to check it out. I'm maybe eight or so casts in and have only encountered a few moments that made me want to roll my eyes.

We're Alive tells the story of a handful of survivors trying to make their way amongst a zombie apocalypse. It is very reminiscent of The Walking Dead but is definitely not rip off. If the story was a book, I would read it. If it was a movie, I would watch it. Being a podcast whose episodes you can get through in under 20 minutes? It's a no-brainer. From the official We're Alive website:

A small riot in LA has spread past its containment. Three reserve soldiers are called to their deserted duty station. Believed to be the last remaining armed servicemen in the area, Michael, Angel, and Saul witness the true cause of the riot; people are starting to change and attack each other.

Armed with only what they can carry, they set out to secure an apartment building and rescue survivors scattered amongst the shattered remains of civilization.
In a world turned upside down, every day is a struggle, as those who have taken refuge in “the tower” find out that their safe haven is under constant threat. In this place, however, the strengths of those who stand together, might just be enough to live long enough to see things start to change.

Being new to the world of podcasting, I have a few questions of my own for you, the readers. What other podcasts would you recommend? And would you be interested in listening to a Zombies & Toys podcast? I'm talking 10 to 15 minutes every other week or so to sum up recent news and upcoming events. Maybe have a guest, review a book or movie, or air an interview every now and then. I'm stretched thin but think this could be a fun thing to try. I know if I could find a zombie news podcast, I'd subscribe in a heartbeat. But as with this blog, if the interest is there I'll give it a shot. So cast a vote in the margin to tell me what you think. I also welcome all comments, suggestions, ideas, and recommendations of your favorite podcasts either by posting a comment or emailing me at

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  1. One of the podcasts i normally listen to, well, stopped recording so now i am longing for a new podcast. looks like i will be giving this one a try.


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