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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steel City Con: Toys, Comics, & Pirate Hugs

Most of you reading already know that this marked the first convention appearance of Zombies & Toys. Overall, it went well. I came back home with fewer boxes than I took and had the opportunity to meet some great people.

Steel City Con doesn't offer many surprises for me. My family and I go to this con every time it is available. You see a lot of familiar vendors, costumes, and attendees all of whom are great to be around. The next Steel City Con is in August and I suggest anyone in the area to try and attend.

SCC is a great show for the all-around geek. There is always a Star Wars celebrity and the 501st always makes an appearance. This time, Matthew Wood who is the voice behind General Grievous was there. John Schneider of Dukes of Hazard fame was in attendance as well as several other celebrities. There are dealers selling DVDs, games, movie posters, autographs, sports items, comic books, and zombie toys.

Even with crazy snowfall and crazier snow forecast, attendance was still strong. Luckily, the weather was moderate enough for my family to visit on Saturday allowing my son the opportunity to meet "General Grievous" and have his face painted to look like Spiderman.

I was able to rub shoulders with stormtroopers, ghost busters, Batman, The Joker, a group of Mandolorians, and even received a hug from a cute pirate (is a female pirate even called a pirate?). So, I would consider Steel City Con worth the trip. It was even more fun talking with the un-costumed folks I met. There was the zombie family, the 360 faceplate guy, the young concert goers, and a father and son who are planning on getting the Zombies & Toys logo tattooed! And, yes, they will send in a pic afterward.

I would like to thank the few readers who made the trip to say "hi", the folks kind enough to chat and hear what ZT has to offer, the folks kinder enough to actually buy some goods, and everyone reading for patiently waiting for me to post some news or mail them their toys. I hope to see more of you when I return to Steel City Con in August!

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