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Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Holiday Art

As most of you veteran Zombies & Toys readers know, sometimes I like to stray a bit off topic. Just a bit. Being a huge fan of art in addition to zombies and toys, I wanted to share a few images I've had stashed.

The first is a painting titled "Clash of the Holidays" by Todd Schorr. This serves as my wallpaper at work.
This next piece is "Scare Tactics" by Rob Sheridan.
And because this is a zombie site and Easter IS about the kiddies.... "Zombie Playground" by Jason Chan. I love this painting.

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  1. jajajaja, what is the next? Halloween pet vs New year? or well could be the fight century, maybe we can put face to face, for the first time, Santa Claus vs Saint Patrick.


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