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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Real Plants That Help During the Zombie Apocalypse

The only thing I like as much as zombies in my toys is zombies in my science. Practical advice regarding the "what fers" of everything zombie is just plain 'ol fun to read. Truth Is Treason just posted an article titled, Houseplants You'll Want to be Growing During the Zombie Apocalypse of 2014. The article is full of practical advice that tells you which plants you'll want nearby when you're bunkered in your safety zone. What I want to know is how they know the zombie apocalypse will be in 2014?

Some are obvious. Of course it would be beneficial to have an aloe plant. I remember putting cutting them open when I would get burns as a child. Others, like the Venus Flytrap, I had never thought of. I mean, the decaying corpses are bound to draw flies, right?

It's a fun read and one I stumbled upon because of Awesome Apocalypse, another blog I just found. Do you like reading about end of the world scenarios? Of course, you do! So go check out AA.

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