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Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Book... New Contest!

I just found out about a new book that has me pretty darn excited. The Zombie Combat Manual looks to be a practical guide full of techniques we will need to know once the dead rise and attack.
The author, Roger Ma, is also founder of The Zombie Combat Club. Their goal is to educate the public in blade, bludgeon, and unarmed combat techniques with ways to fight off the swarming hordes of undead assailants. There is nothing I like more than practical advice that will save my arse during the zombie apocalypse and this book seems to be full of it. For a taste of what lies inside, head over to The Zombie Combat Club and begin preparation.
And because Roger wants some additional survivors to stay alive long enough to help the cause, he is graciously giving a copy of his book to one of our lucky readers! You and I both know we must prepare sooner and not later, so this contest will end on the release day of The Zombie Combat Manual, April 6th. I don't want anyone to delay picking up this vital and life-saving piece of literature.

To enter, email your name and address to I also want to hear what one weapon you would want to possess when the dead rise. A general blanket of Zombies & Toys contest rules can be found here.


  1. Is that the correct email? it keeps failing on me...sniff

  2. The email doesn't work to enter. Sad face.

  3. Sorry, folks. Was uber tired last night and forgot to create the email address. It's up and working now.


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