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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Autopsy of the Dead

Something great that came about from Steel City Con was my being able to chat with Jim Cirronella about Autopsy of the Dead. Jim, along with Jeff Carney, wrote this great film that should be viewed by any fan of Romero's Night of the Living Dead. I snagged a copy for myself as well as a few extra in case anyone reading would like one. I also have some promotional posters that I will give away with each purchase of the film. Autopsy can be found in the Zombie Toy Store. More information as well as video clips can be found on the Autopsy of the Dead official site.

A documentary of sorts, the best way to describe Autopsy of the Dead is "fun". I watched this on my way home from Steel City Con. It features interviews and stories from the cast and crew that are typically not approached or thought of when one mentions Night of the Living Dead. We often hear the perspective of George who generally doesn't speak very highly of his film. Rarely are we given the opportunity to hear some different perspectives.

Hearing stories about how the movie was filmed and some of the methods used is an enjoyable breath of fresh air. Imagine if your grandfather was involved in some way with Night of the Living Dead and you have an afternoon to spend together alone. That is Autopsy of the Dead. You watch and listen as people involved with one of the most influential movies of all time tell their stories. You visit the familiar areas where scenes were filmed and have the opportunity to compare them to present day. You hear about the precautions taken and the ones that should have been taken. You are also given the opportunity to view rare photos, props, and newspaper clippings most of which have never been seen by a mass audience.

The film moves along at an appropriate speed. There was, however, a brief moment when I started to find myself wondering if I care. But that moment passed quickly and along comes more stories and information that had me hooked. For the Night of the Living Dead fan this DVD is like having the opportunity to sit at a table with some of the cast who are happy to tell their stories. It is full of images you have never seen, stories you have never heard, and questions you may have wanted answered. It is not shocking, stunning, or entertaining in the typical movie sense; It is simply a fun film and a good time.


  1. still got an extra copy you'd be willing to part with?

  2. I believe we have one copy left in stock. You can purchase it directly through the zombie toy store (link in right margin) or through our Amazon store.


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