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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zombies Help Sell Cars

It seems like zombies are everywhere these days. Some of us old-school zombie fans could get upset at the current popularity of zombies. Just think of yourself as ahead of the curve and embrace the newcomers to the awesomeness of zombies. Sure we're going to see a bunch of garbage, but we also now have a better chance of getting great zombies. Something I never thought I'd see, however, are car ads featuring zombies.

Toyota has recently unleashed several ads in magazines for their Corolla. The selling points of which are geared toward the zombie survivalist. What I want to know is why isn't there shatter-proof glass? Or James Bond style auto inflating tires? Heck, there isn't even any guns or flamethrowers!

Regardless, I find the ads amusing. You and I both know that a Corolla is nowhere near the top of our zombie survival list of vehicles. What is causing a stir is the fact that these ads are being run in light of the news of 34 deaths caused by Toyota glitches. So your cars are killing people and your ads illustrate how they are good for avoiding the undead.

For your viewing pleasure...

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