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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Romero's Day of the Dead Re-Mastered

Try this on for size and do your best to not drool all over your keyboard as I give you the details...

George Romero's classic, Day of the Dead, is getting re-mastered and released on Blu-ray. To celebrate the films 25th anniversary, this release will contain a mad amount of extras. It even includes a comic book that tells a new story featuring Bub! But that comic is just the beginning. Not only is the video restored, but it also features a new hi-def soundtrack of the newly-restored 'uncensored dialogue' version, a dual-sided poster, a 24 page booklet, and is available in four collectible sleeves. Here's what this two disc package has to offer:

Disc One (Blu-ray)
* Theatrical feature
* Audio commentary with special effects team of Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger, Everett Burrell and Mike Deak
* Joe Of The Dead – Acting In A Romero Classic
* Travelogue Of The Dead

Disc Two (DVD)
* The Many Days Of The Dead
* Behind the Zombies footage
* Romero Zombography
* Photo Album of the Dead
* Souvenirs of the Dead
* Night Of The Living Dead trailer
* Dawn Of The Dead trailer
* TV Ads of the Dead
* The Audio Recollections of Richard Liberty
* Wampum Mine promo

This package of must-have goodness will be released on March 29th. Oh, yeah... there's one tiny detail... it's only available in the UK. D'Oh!

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  1. Only in the UK? I'm not currently into the Blu Ray thing, but are Blu Ray discs regioned just like DVDs?

    I hope not because this sounds pretty damn amazing, and if I could get this in North America (even exported) I would get a Blu Ray player just to watch it.


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