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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zombie Driver Demo Now Available

Some may remember hearing about Zombie Driver from a post in October. Zombie Driver is an overhead view driving game with a twist. If the title of the game and the fact that you're reading about it here is not an indication, there are zombies involved. You race through the streets searching for survivors while rolling over the hordes of undead.

For those curious enough, a free demo is now available by visiting the official Zombie Driver site.

Zombie Driver™ - is an action driving game with a top down perspective and a dynamic helicopter chase camera. Fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city to save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident that changed most of the city's population into mindless brain hungry monsters. Time is your enemy and your car is your weapon as you race through the streets smashing everything on your way including fences, phone booths, street lamps and hordes of zombies. When the gruesomely mutated zombies become too much to handle, buy a new car or get more guns and upgrades installed. You can earn more money for finishing side quests, making kill combos and searching for hidden prizes.

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