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Monday, January 4, 2010

Win A Zombie Wallet From Sourpuss Clothing

WINNER: Samantha P. from Melbourne, FL

Because Sourpuss Clothing is an equal opportunity prize giver, there is a second contest! How about a zombie wallet?

This contest will run much the same as the purse contest. All entries must be received by February 14th. I doubt I can fit any cool Zombies and Toys swag inside, but I'm sure I can fit some in the box I mail the wallet in. As a reminder, save 15% off of your purchase by using the code "DISCOUNT15". Valentine's Day is around the corner and you don't want to be stuck giftless.

To enter, email your name and address to Standard ZT contest rules apply: you can enter every open contest (only once) but if you are chosen as a winner for more than one contest, you can still only take one prize.


  1. Just wanna let you know I gave you the "Zombie Chicken Award"! you can get award image here :)

  2. Flippin' sweet, Rhonny. Thanks for the honor. I'll make sure to brag about this in an upcoming post!


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