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Monday, January 4, 2010

Win A Zombie Purse From Sourpuss Clothing

WINNER: Amanda M. from Ventura, CA

One of my favorite clothing and accessory shops, Sourpuss Clothing, is offering a prize for the ladies. Or you guys who want to win something nice for your lady. Or for you guys who like to carry a purse. Whatever. Bottom line is you have the opportunity to win this purse! Are they even called purses anymore? Is it "handbag"? Does it matter?

Contest will conclude on February 14th so don't expect to use this as a Valentine's Day gift. You can, however, save yourself 15% by using the code "DISCOUNT 15" so go buy your sweetheart something.

Entering to win the purse/handbag/stuff holder/whatever is easy. Just email your name and address to I'll even throw sweet Zombies and Toys swag inside before I mail it.

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