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Sunday, January 17, 2010

SkullyBoom Contest!

I mentioned several weeks ago that there would be an upcoming contest featuring SkullyBoom and the wait is now over. SkullyBoom is a company that makes customizeable vinyl toys. A skull-shaped vinyl canvas if you will. They are also bringing this medium to the world of consumer electronics. Skully can also be purchased as a portable speaker that is every bit as custumizable.

This contest will be a bit different than previous ones. Entering to win will take "credits" which can be earned in different ways. Hidden throughout this blog will be pictures with the image of the Skully I made photoshopped in. Each pic you find and report will earn you one credit. But don't run off and start scouring the site just yet... the Zombies & Toys Skully won't appear in any pictures until February.

The real reason for the early announcement of March's (yes, March) contest is to give everyone sufficient time for the fun way to enter. By emailing a picture of your customized Skully to you will receive 5 credits. You can pick up your Skully from the Zombie Toy Store, SkullyBoom, or it can be one you already have and painted.

There will be 3 prize packages available. Each prize will contain one of the designer Skullys featuring the work of Squidnik. Also included will be a set of red glow Z.O.M.B.I.E.s, some Zombies & Toys swag, and a few other goodies that will be revealed later.


  1. I actually sent in an order to SkullyBoom after finding your blog! Ordered a speaker, and I have two of the skulls winging their way to me right now! Thanks for the link, and you have a great blog!

  2. Thanks for the compliment and glad I helped you find SkullyBoom!

    Make sure to email me the pics of your finished Skullys!


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