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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Numurkah is a town about two hours North of Melbourne in Australia. For obvious reasons, I'm not about to tell you about that town. I mean... you are reading a zombie blog.

No. Numurkah is the name of a short film by Ryan Coonan. At 12 minutes in length, you need to do yourself a favor and watch. Not only does this short contain zombies, it is also an extremely well-done and professional-looking film. The best part? Titan View is in the final stages of development and the film will go into production at the end of this year. And believe me, after watching the short you will definitely want more.

The film has a backdrop of the climate change but it's environmental theme is said to not be the focus. How the climate changes creates or effects the zombies is unknown.

I'll post more news as I encounter it. It's doubtful we'll hear anything more for quite some time, though, as this is early news. The short is below, but go to YouTube and watch it larger. I have also been saving all of the zombie and toy videos on my page. So feel free to subscribe to my channel for quick reference or to follow along.

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