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Monday, January 4, 2010

More Cool Zombie Findings

I doubt there is anyone reading this blog who doens't appreciate the opportunity to sport their love for zombies. Well, we now have another great source for zombie goods at T-Shirt Bordello. Featuring mugs, glasses, and shirts (duh), they fill in a gap that Sourpuss Clothing and Zombie Liquorice leave open. With these three sites for zombie ware at our disposal, there is definitely something for everyone!

T-Shirt Bordello is run by Don "Of The Dead" Myers who frequents the convention scene in his zombie attire. My personal favorite has to be the "Zombies: Eat Flesh" shirt but there are several others that are great as well. Bordello has more than just shirts and more than just zombie attire so make sure to run over and have a look.

I'll make sure to post updates as new zombie products are available. In the meantime, here's some of what's available:

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