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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Love Zombies Day

Who needs a Hallmark holiday like Valentine's Day when you can profess your love for the undead? "I Love Zombies Day" will be celebrated on February 13th.

What? You've never heard of I Love Zombies Day? That's because this is the first. The folks at are celebrating the occasion by giving away shirts to a few lucky folks who send in pics of their celebration. So regardless whether you will be reading a zombie book, watching zombie movies, playing zombie games, or walking around your neighborhood like a zombie; capture the moments and email them for a chance to win a shirt.

Click here for full details.


  1. I am spending the day watching every George Romero zombie movie he ever made!!!

  2. Gonna play Left 4 Dead with friends until our brains come out of our eyeballs!

  3. I DID buy a bloody brain prop, new monster teeth and makeup.....
    I am planning on making a zombie cake, but still in the planning stages, I want it to be killer:)


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