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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Zombie Pinup Contest Update

Just a reminder that the contest this month for the Myzombie Pinup Calendar ends this Friday. For your chance to win one, email a before and after zombified photo of yourself, your zombie tattoo, or a classic image that would benefit from the Myzombie Pinup treatment. For full details, click here.

You can zombify yourself for free at and If anyone reading has other resources they would like to share, email me or post them in a comment.

Here are a few entries we have received so far:

After you enter the pinup contest, don't forget to enter for you chance to win a shirt from Zombie Liquorice. You can enter to win both shirts. However, in the unlikely event you are chosen as the winner for each you can only pick one. It is possible to win both the calendar and a shirt.

For complete details on our Zombie Liquorice contest, click here.

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