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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walt Disney Princess Zombies!

I never thought I’d see the day where I would post about Walt Disney princesses on my blog about zombies. But, I guess stranger things could happen. After all, I have posted about zombie Mickey toys several times. Speaking of “several times”, I’ll say it again… zombies can make anything good.

Some cosplay enthusiasts decided it would be a great idea to shamble to the London MCM Expo this October dressed as Disney characters. Bring on the Walt Disney princesses as zombies!


  1. What I like best is use of the not so popular princesses. I never see Esmeralda or Mulan and Jasmine having an Aladin was beyond awesome.

  2. there is a series of zombies pictures of the disney princesses which I noticed they copied the costume design from. Very cool.

  3. I really hope this idea is taken onboard this year with the zombie craze. It is such a great costume idea and is so easy to make from a standard Disney dress.

  4. But what you are all english i am french


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