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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Spanish film [REC] was an extremely and legitimately creepy zombie-ish film that should not be missed. If the name of this film does not sound familiar, the US butchering of [REC] was Quarantine. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. But I have yet to hear from anyone who thought Quarantine was better than the original. But I digress…

I reported earlier that [REC]2 is finished and was released several months ago. Unfortunately, Sony has yet to offer details as to when we can expect to see this stateside. Even though we are left hanging with the knowledge that there’s a part two that we are unable to view, news has been released that the original writers of the first two are coming back to bring us a third installment. It is also rumored that the plot of the third will take us outside of the apartment complex we are familiar with. No word yet if it will still be the hand-held “shaky cam” type of filming. Regardless, I still consider all of this good news.

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