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Sunday, December 6, 2009

November's Contest Winners

First things first... I'm sorry for running a little behind this month. Like everyone else, this time of year has me going in several different directions. To be honest, you can probably expect most updates to be a little behind. Here's a glimpse of some things to come and I'll elaborate on each at a later date:

I will be wrapping up the Holiday Gift Guide for Zombie fans shortly. I still have another contest planned for December and will have it up this week. The My Zombie Pinup contest is going to be cut short and will conclude in a week or so. More items are expected soon in the Zombie Toy Store. Zombies & Toys is going to have its first exclusive toy and it should arrive by the end of the month. I will also make every attempt to have a post or two with pics and highlights of Steel City Con this week.

There are also some great contests planned for the first half of next year. We'll have several books, a very special version of a fun zombie game. We have a few movies to give away. There will be some different hand-crafted pieces of art. There will even be more zombie toys.

Thanks for listening and now for the winners:

Taking Eejits will be Traci H. of Bedford, OH; Melissa K. of Benecia, CA; Kevin D. of Memphis, TN; and Melody G. of Orlando, FL.

Receiving some button sets are: Tim & Donna; Suzanne G. of Knoxville, TN; and Heather D. of Toledo, OH.

Winners of the Attack of the Zombie Bikini Babes from Outer Space are Alex D. and Manny R.

Thanks and congratulations to the winners! Thanks, too, to everyone reading and especially to Eejits Toys and Vindrewski's Button Emporium.

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