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Monday, November 9, 2009

ZT Update

After a whopping 61 updates in October, it seems as if zombie news is slowing down a bit. But fear not, I'm working harder than ever to keep things moving. So please allow me to give you a glimpse as to what you have to look forward to...

Left 4 Dead 2 will finally be released this month. I think I'm just as tired reporting news about this game as you are reading it. But I will say this; I downloaded and played the demo and it is outstanding. Blowing a hole through the torso of a zombie with a rifle is unnervingly satisfying. There is no way the upgrades made could have been done as downloadable content for the first one. If I can tear myself away from the game long enough to write about it, I'll post a review.

Speaking of review, I just received my trio of zombie busts from Sideshow Collectibles' The Dead. Do they live up to my expectations? Are they as outstanding as the Patient Zero reviewed earlier? You'll find out next week when I post my hands-on review and pics.

I also have two other reviews in the works. One is for an extremely popular, fun, and addicting zombie board game. Yes, a zombie board game. The other review is for a zombie that doesn't eat flesh. This particular zombie is so unique that I cannot even classify the type of review it will be. You may also be seeing some guest reviewers in the near future!

The Zombies & Toys Zombie Toy Store is open, active, and functional! Thanks to everyone who made purchases prior to this even getting done. There are a few items I am almost sold out of (and one that I am) already but will be restocking soon. I can special order pretty much anything even if it's not zombie related so if I can help you out give me a yell. Also expect some deals like free shipping or discounts around the corner.

Speaking of toys, I am extremely excited to announce that Zombies & Toys will have its first exclusive zombie toy soon! I hope to have these by Christmas and will make an official announcement once they are in-hand.

Oh, yeah! Christmas! This month I will be posting in segments the official Zombies & Toys holiday gift-giving guide for zombie fanatics. I have been working on this for some time now and am excited to share with you what I feel are some of the best gifts you can give the zombie fan in your life.

Of course, I'm still working on some great contests to start the new year off with and have something special planned for fans in December. I'm also preparing to do something for a special charity soon which should involve something that will interest most readers.

So thanks, everyone, for your continued interest and support!

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