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Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Zombieland Sequel

You can't possibly be surprised to read that title. It's old-ish news, really, and I apologize for being too busy to post about it. But in case you haven't heard, Sony is looking to release a Zombieland sequel featuring the stars from the original. The catch? It may be made in digital 3D. What is digital 3D anyway? Personally, I hate 3D movies.

If you recall an earlier post, Zombieland was originally written as a television series and there is potentially enough material for 11 more full-lenght feature films! Would I watch 11 more Zombieland movies? Yes I would. Even if they were in 3D.


  1. I think the Digital 3D is pretty decent (compared to traditional 3D stuff at least). My only experience so far is with the Toy Story movies, so it may be different for live action...I think Avatar would be neat in 3D, Zombieland...I don't know, I would still see it because the first one was so damn good!

  2. This isn't old news to me as I've been slack on paying attention to anything lately.
    Would I watch 11 more Zombieland movies? You bet I would!

  3. what the hell are you talking about!!! a sequel... for this movie.... hell yeah, and of course 3d is a great idea to make this movie, well boys you count with support now and always.


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