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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zombie Preparedness Fitness Class

I shouldn’t be surprised for what I’m about to tell you but yet on some level I am. Unicus Fitness Center in Chicago, IL is now offering a “zombie preparedness fitness class”. Strange, but true, and I could kick myself for not pitching that idea to a health club before. It only makes sense, right? We all know that the zombie virus is a few steps beyond the swine flu so why not begin preparation?

The class consists of various strength, agility, and endurance drills. Jumping over and ducking under hurdles, smashing car tires with a sledgehammer, running sprints while dragging a sled with weights, swinging a 20 lb baseball bat at eye level, and boxing make up the class. Boxing? I won’t be punching zombies anytime soon but I assume that the exercise is more for the cardio.

It all makes sense in a paranoid kind of way. The zombies won’t stop, so we must prepare ourselves physically.

Image courtesy of Doomcat


  1. I have always hated exercise and one of the main reasons is that it seems so pointless and boring...climbing stairs to nowhere, running on a treadmill like a hamster on a wheel. Now, finally, a reason to get fit! I love this. Wish I lived close enough to sign up!

  2. For the record, Chicago has a huge pro-zombie community so this quite makes sense ;)

  3. Bloody fantastic. I wish my gym would do that! ... Mind you, in the back of my mind part of this is the reason for going anyhow!


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