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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zombie-Killing Bunny

Some of us may remember a type of book that was common in the ‘80s called “choose your own adventure” books. Well, recently, Matt Youngmark just published a zombie-themed “Chooseomatic” book with a twist. You, the adventurer, are a stuffed pink rabbit. The book’s story takes place during a time when not only are the dead rising and attacking the living, but stuffed animals are alive and intermingle with humans.

Zombocalypse Now has numerous different paths and outcomes and begs to be read several times. You see, actions and events that occur during one story arc are actually explained in a different one at times. So the only way to know why the zombies are licking your car’s windshield would be to read the book again and choose different paths. With 112 different endings, it is unlikely you will end up with the same one too frequently.

Available at Amazon.

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