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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mercy Hospital Reviews

Yes, more Left 4 Dead news. Well whaddya expect? Left 4 Dead 2 was released yesterday. I do have my copy but it's still sealed and sitting on my desk (damn real paying job). So, to tide me over until this weekend when I can stay up all night drinking Red Bull and playing games until my eyes bleed, I will post more L4D related news.

So, apparently, there is a real Mercy Hospital. You know, the hospital in Left 4 Dead. Where is it? Where else but the zombie capital of the world, Pittsburgh! Looking for reviews will bring you to numerous "reviews" of Mercy Hospital. Unfortuneately for the real Mercy Hospital, most of the reviews are for the game's version. This is definitely good for a laugh.

I went to this hospital to have my chronic headaches treated or at least diagnosed. Upon entering, I asked the receptionist for some help. Instead, she lept over the counter and started clawing at me. But there just happen to be some guns on the seats. I sadly had to kill her in self defense. Knowing the cops were soon to follow, I proceeded to go up. I wasn't thinking, just going up. On the way up, I had faced many disgruntled patients and workers. One patient was polite enough to vomit all over me. While I was blinded, his posse (i am assuming he is a gang leader of sorts) started running at me and beating me. After successfully escaping, my headaches have only gotten worse. After consuming large amounts of pills, I stumbled my way onto the roof, where a man possibly being treated for a steroid overdose was waiting for me. After tossing me off the building, I almost lost my life. I was thankfully recovered by some strange African American man claiming to have his pills. I am home safe now. But no amount of pills and medpacks will cure my emotional and physical pain.

• Pros: The pills were here.
• Cons: So was the tank.

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