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Monday, November 23, 2009

Chemical 12-D

So my list of excellent zombie short films is quickly going to become longer than my list of excellent full feature zombie films. My first taste was I Love Sarah Jane. My second was Alice Jacobs is Dead. These films, 15 and 20 minutes respectively, were both absolutely amazing. Now, I have also had the pleasure of watching Chemical 12-D.

Chemical 12-D is short. We're talking about 8 minutes short. But this also means that each second is vital. There is no down time, the film is deep, and it is shocking. First of all, everything about this film is top-notch. The effects, sound, picture quality, and acting are all first-rate. Watching this made me that much more disappointed in Romero when thinking back to when I watched Diary.

Water Cooler Productions brings us this film written and directed by Mac Eldridge. Chemical 12-D is making the rounds at various film festivals and is starting to build quite a reputation amongst critics online. If you're in an area (like mine) that doesn't exactly get an abundance, if any, film festivals hope is not lost. For a limited time, Water Cooler Productions is giving you the opportunity to pick up this film on DVD for $8. Taxes? Shipping? Bonus features? All included! But I digress...

Chemical 12-D tells us the story of Michael Frank and his mission to find a cure. Reminiscent of I Am Legend in this regard, Frank is a scientist performing tests on whatever infected subjects he can get his hands on. Streets are vacant except for the occasional wandering zombie. But the true story is why he is performing tests. Whom is he performing tests on. What is the cause of the infection. Is anyone else alive? Tension and curiosity build minute after minute until the shocking final scene. I know I couldn't predict it.

For your chance to watch this amazing film and be the envy of all your friends, visit this link to purchase Chemical 12-D for a flat $8. Like supporting local music or independent artists, you are not only getting a direct benefit, but also contributing to a great cause ensuring we'll get to see more films. The DVD is loaded with extra goodies as well!

2 Documentaries:
The Making of Chemical 12-D
The Making of Water Cooler Productions
4 Commentaries with Mac Eldridge, David Wagenaar, Rob Davis, and Matt Nikilla.

The Deleted scene of Chemical 12-D

The Past Work of Water Cooler Productions:
Timmothy O'Toole's Commercial
In A State Of (Water Cooler Productions first zombie movie!)

A plot synopsis of the upcoming Water Cooler Productions film, The Old Man and His Dog.

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  1. Saw Chemical-D at Horror Society's Zombie Outbreak film festival. It was cool to see it on the big screen and meet Mac and some other members of the cast/production.


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