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Monday, November 9, 2009

Alice Jacobs Is Dead

I would like to think we have all learned that it doesn't have to be an expensive Hollywood film to be a great zombie movie. Colin has been a hot topic for several months and not just because it was a mere $74 to make. I Love Sarah Jane is one of the best 15 minutes a zombie film fan can spare. And now Alice Jacobs Is Dead is the next zombie short I can't see soon enough.

The plot?

In the aftermath of the devastating Z-virus which has all but obliterated mankind, Dr. Ben Jacobs has created a drug that appears to prevent early stages of the virus from spreading. Now the scientist is trying to decimate the disease once and for all, but what happens when his emotions get in the way of his work?

Every review of this film has been outstanding and I just wanted to give everyone reading a heads-up in case the opportunity to see it arises. Like The Walking Dead and Pontypool, the suspense and fear of living in a world occupied by the living dead can be just as terrifying as any action-filled scene.

...Stay tuned as I'll post more info as I come across it!

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  1. Gotta love Barbeau, and I'm intrigued. Where's the gore? Such a tease...


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