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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Alice Jacobs Is Dead - Film Review

I caught wind of this short film later than most but promptly posted about its discovery. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I love the suspense more than the action when it comes to zombie films. And this is where Alex Horwitz shines with his creation, Alice Jacobs Is Dead.

The film takes place during a time after the effects and devastation of the zombie outbreak. We are given a glimpse of this early on with a view of a recovering world. It is obvious and the tone is quickly set that we are recovering from the outbreak. One man, Dr. Ben Jacobs (John La Zar), created the drug that allowed us to fight back against the z-virus. One of the driving forces behind his discovery? His wife, Alice (Adrienne Barbeau), is infected.

So, Alice Jacobs is dead. But how dead? Dr. Jacobs still comes home from work and is able to talk, eat, and even make love to his beloved wife. You see, Alice has been injecting herself with her husband's miracle drug. With the help of Dr. Jacobs, Alice has been kept in their home for about a year delaying the inevitable. But how far will the doctor go? The love of his life is harvesting a virus that could bring about the end of humanity. The movie is a race against time as Dr. Jacobs tries to find an antidote before Alice is completely consumed by the z-virus.

This short film is amazing and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have seen it. My only complaint is that it's too short. That's not to say that the film is not satisfying. There is a conclusion and it is one that is not rushed or forced. It will leave some happy and others disappointed. As much as I love movies that take place in a world of zombies, even I think that two hours would have been much for this film. Our views are limited to the Jacobs' home and the doctor's lab and there are only three key players. Acting and chemistry are spot-on, music is subtle and effective, and image quality and direction are first class.

I am one who firmly believes in not giving away spoilers so let me just spit-out some key points: We do get to see zombies. The ambiance and feel of the movie is ominous in a post-apocalyptic way. The effects are good. I did jump once or twice. There is some gore. The movie is about the characters and the back-drop is the zombie infestation.

My bottom line is see this movie. Don't expect Dawn of the Dead or 28 Weeks Later action. But if you dream of zombies and enjoy wandering about the "what ifs" of living in a zombie world, this film is for you. Visit the official Alice Jacobs is Dead website.

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