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Monday, October 19, 2009

Zombies Invade London

Okay, so it's a shameless plug post. As many recall, a while back I posted asking if anyone would be interested in helping to spread the word about Zombies & Toys by handing out fliers at events or in stores in your area. I was honestly surprised at the offers and am truly appreciative of everyone's efforts.

Some of you have displayed the ZT swag in their businesses, at work, handed out to friends or customers. Thanks so much for the help and support. Even the simple things like a Twitter retweet put a smile on my face. Well, I just wanted to share some pics that Steven sent me from World Zombie Day in London. After you're finished admiring the phenomenal makeup job, take a close look at what he's handing out. Yup. ZT swag. So "cheers" for doing my dirty work while at your social event.

While I'm at it, I want to also direct your attention to another long-time supporter, ZombieHead. Krystal and Jim have been handing out ZT swag to their customers and at shows they attend since I got started. These images I actually took from their Myspace page. So, if you're reading, a huge "Thanks" goes out to you guys as well.

If anyone else who follows along would like to help out, shoot me an email at I'll usually send out about 50 postcard fliers to those who would like them. If you think you could use more, I'm happy to oblige. Now let me see if I can't post something you actually want to read before I crash.

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  1. Yay! That's me. And no problem promoting the site, as I told people, 'I wasn't getting paid for it, it wasn't my site, I believed in promoting it because I thought the site was bloody good and deserved it'..
    Hopefully some of them have checked it out!

    BTW I've known of the zombiehead stuff for a while and think its awesome, still planning to buy something from them some day! :-D


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