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Monday, October 19, 2009

Yum... Delicious Zombies

Huge props to Traci for emailing me a picture of what is possibly the greatest wedding cake I have ever seen.

Here's a description from the Flickr page: "This was our Zombie Wedding cake made by Mike's Amazing Cakes in Seattle! They're awesome! They made the Bride and Groom on top look like us down to the tux and dress, and the zombies matched our wedding party too!It was red velvet, in case you were wondering :)"

While we're on the topic of zombie snacks, I uncovered some yummy looking brain cupcakes recently over at technabob. The cupcakes are red velvet raspberry cake with French vanilla cream cheese frosting. The brains on top are actually made from chocolate formed in tiny brain molds. Full details can be found on the creater's Flicker page - xsomnis.

Finally, let's not forget about the yummy cookies featuring our favorite zombie hunters. These were featured in an earlier post but deserve to be seen again. Behold, the Left 4 Dead cookies.

Thanks to Traci for sharing her zombie wedding cake discovery. If you have any news that is good for the order, drop me an email at

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