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Friday, October 2, 2009

Revenant - A Unique-Looking Zombie Film

So, this one slipped past me and shame on those of you who read and didn't bother to let me know! Luckily, Eric from YouBentMyWookie was kind enough to give me a heads-up.

Here is the synopsis direct from The Revenant official site:

The Revenant is a story about an ancient pestilence recurring to infect modern society.

Officer First Class Bart Gregory is killed while fighting in Middle East. His body is shipped back to the United States and laid to rest, but before the lid can be put on his tomb, Bart inexplicably awakens in his coffin and climbs from his grave; confused, horrified--a moldy, putrefying living corpse--a Revenant.

Bart desperately enlists the help of his best friend, Joey Leubner, in an attempt to ease his nausea and agony. Joey is shocked--and disgusted--by his putrescent pal’s return, but he rises to the occasion and tries to find a solution. When a panicked emergency room forces the confused corpse to flee, the two friends discover that there is only one cure for Bart's condition: Human blood.

In their quest to keep Bart from decomposing Bart and Joey stumble into a solution—a way to obtain blood without taking innocent lives, becoming "The Vigilante Gun-Slingers”. But as their macabre crusade continues, they become entwined in an ever escalating cycle of violence, mayhem and ghoulism . . . all while cruising in a 1979 Camaro.

UPDATE: The Zed Word has a review posted. Click here to go check it out!!


  1. Did you see my review of this film from back in August?

  2. I wish I could say that I did. Here's the link, though:

  3. Hey I saw this at a film fest last spring. It starts a little slow but builds up with some funny moments and fresh ideas.


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