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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playstation Home Will Be Overrun By Zombies!

So maybe I'm a little late to the party. Either that or I've been so hyped-up on Left 4 Dead 2 news that this one slipped past me. Either way, Sony isn't going to let XBox fans be the only ones with some zombie fun. Head over to to catch up on all the fun in store for PS3 owners. My handle is the same for PS3 as the 360, "xnoybis zombie"; So give me a yell!

Head over to to cast a vote on whether or not zombies should be free to roam around Playstation Home with the living. Votes must be cast by Friday at midnight. You will also have the opportunity to zombify your avatar as well as pick up some post-mortum decor for your home... all for free!

While many of us are happy to embrace zombies as our friends,
neighbors, policemen, payroll auditors, brain surgeons, and 400-level college
philosophy professors, there are a few extremists out there that are determined
to keep PlayStation Home free of what they call "a moral menace." At the
forefront of this political movement is the think tank organization known as the
S.P.A.Z. (Society of People Against Zombies). Headed up by R Phunrooner,
President (and reputed "recovering horror movie addict"), this group has taken
an aggressive approach to ridding PlayStation Home of the undead – from a
full-on anti-zombie advertising campaign to actually attempting to censor the
male zombie head. Luckily, the S.P.A.Z. is not without opposition. A non-profit
zombie rights organization is challenging R Phunrooner and the S.P.A.Z.'s
efforts by setting up a webpage where zombies and zombie-sympathizers alike can voice their support for the deceased (that have just recently returned to life).


  1. Generally speaking it seems the Xbox is the best console for zombies.. so this new PS3 zombie game.. is that going to be an exclusive?

  2. Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising are XBox only. 'Nuff said.

    And, no, this isn't so much a game as it is just a way to make your avatar a zombie, I think.

  3. Once upon a time I used to be dead against getting an Xbox..even when there was stubbs the zombie.. I'm so glad I woke up and saw the green glowing light lol.


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