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Friday, October 2, 2009

New Merchandise Available

Remember the Dismember-Me Zombie plush brought to us from ThinkGeek? I now have them in stock and available to order. I am making an attempt to make some unique zombie toys available to readers as cheaply as possible. I will sell these shipped to mainland U.S. for $15 each. Every order will also contain some free Zombies & Toys swag!
I have more great zombie items en route and will update you when they are available. To purchase, send payment via PayPal to Please make sure your address is current and specify what item you are ordering. Questions can be sent to me at the same email address.


  1. Picked up some of these as soon as I saw them, thought they were awesome.. Think Geek also do a pretty cool "Zombies (are)WERE people too" T-shirt.
    Postage is a killer from the states to here though (well.. that and customs, Grr)

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