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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Love Sarah Jane

I was saving some of my favorite zombie clips from YouTube and felt the need to post this one. I know I posted this amazing short, "I Love Sarah Jane", before but after watching this evening felt the need to share it again. If you haven't seen this you are truly missing out. This is probably the best zombie short I have ever seen.

Edit: Here's the link in case it's not just me who can't view the entire image on this site.


  1. HUGE fan of this one! I saw it early this year and couldn't help but smile at how amazing of a job they had done putting it together.

  2. Really quite liked that! nice find!

  3. Sent to me a while back from Andy. Just good enough to dust off and repost. The guy that created that has a movie coming out soon. Unfortunately, it's not a zombie film.


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