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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Horror Signs - October's Sponsor!

A while back, I posted information about a company who produces some great horror merchandise. Of particular interest to most reading would be the great selection of zombie signs and stickers. If you haven't bought yours yet, there's still time to get them before Halloween. However, if you like to take a gamble and don't need to have any before the holiday, here's your chance take one home for free!

Horror Signs has been kind enough to offer readers the chance to take some of their products home! These are quality, metal signs with all-weather vinyl lettering. I bought mine a few months ago and love it! These are not cheaply made.

Horror Signs has provided two signs: "Zombie Shelter" and "Zombie Outbreak Zone" as well as three bumper stickers and a license plate frame.

Because I like to see more than one person each month win, I am dividing up Horror Signs' contributions. The grand prize winner will receive the sign of your choice, the license plate frame, and the bumper sticker of your choice. The runner-up will receive the remaining sign and two bumper stickers. Both winners will also take home some Zombies & Toys swag.

To enter, email your name and address to me at with "Horror Signs" as the subject. Don't forget to include your first choice of sign and sticker in case you are selected as the winner! I do ask that you please take a moment and visit Horror Signs. They were kind enough to offer these goodies, so please head over there for a moment to see some of the other great products they offer. I wouldn't bother posting if I didn't think it was of interest.

Finally... I would like some input from those who enter this month. I made the decision to divide the items provided in an effort to allow more than one winner. I have other contests lined-up where I am faced with a similar dilemma. As the participants, would you rather see me do the same thing with future contests or would you rather have one ginormous prize with one winner? Thanks for taking the time and good luck!

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