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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Avatar Rewards Featured For L4D2

Here's some fun news! Not only will completing tasks in Left 4 Dead 2 earn you some achievements, but it will also unlock exclusive accessories for your avatar. This is confirmed by Steam and G4 has a video showcasing some of the goodies. Here's the rundown and video:

* Unlock the Med Kit by beating all five campaigns on any skill level.
* Unlock the Frying Pan by killing 10,000 Infected.
* Unlock the Garden Gnome by rescuing Gnome Chompski.
* Unlock the Bull Shifters shirt by winning 10 games of Versus.
* Unlock the Left 4 Dead 2 shirt by winning 10 games of Scavenge.
* Unlock the Zombie Hand shirt by killing 10,000 Infected.
* Unlock the Depeche Mode shirt by rescuing Gnome Chompski.


  1. I'm still waiting for that fateful day where a zombie game will have a full avatar zombie outfit thats decent.

  2. You and me both. I'm bummed XBox hasn't had any zombie designs yet.

  3. And yet they had the perfect opportunity with halloween.. -sigh-.. oh well Theres always hope for Dead rising 2 eh?


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