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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Zomb" from threeA Toys

I gathered some information about a new-ish zombie figure from ToysREvil. Brought to us by threeA Toys, the Zomb figures stand 12" and are fully articulated. The details on these guys are amazing. Have a look...

BOILER ZOMB, the first figure in the ADVENTURE KARTEL line from threeA toys. Ol' Boiler is 1/6th 12" in size and is fully articulated, his best friend BOTHEAD is also included ! Boiler will set you back 87 bucks USD and that price includes shipping. If you feel inclined to dip a fetid toe in the Zomb pool, head over to BAMBALAND!


  1. Zombies Kick Ass!!!!!!!!!!!! I want Zombie stuff!!!!!!!

  2. Yes. Yes they do! And don't forget to enter the contests for some of the zombie stuff you want!


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