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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robert Kirkman Speaks On Walking Dead TV Series

Comic Book Resources just posted an interview with Robert Kirkman where he discusses the upcoming television series of his beloved comic, The Walking Dead. It's a great interview so head over and check it out. Below are a few excerpts from Kirkman.

Regarding a TV series instead of a movie: "The thing that makes "The Walking Dead" unique and interesting is that it's a zombie movie that never ends – that's the log line or whatever. To do a zombie movie that's based on that? Kinda dumb."

Regarding how close it will be to the books: "It'll be 110% faithful in tone, but I don't know that every single character will be exactly the same and I don't know if every single character will actually make it into the show, just because there are about 45 characters in the comic so far."

Regarding Kirkman's involvement in the series: "If it goes past the pilot, I'll be writing episodes and looking over the storylines for the series and I'll be pretty hands on."

Don't forget to head over to CBR to read the entire interview. Click here.

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