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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Putrid Pal - A Zombie Toy

The Putrid Pal is a comic about an undead French boy. This poor little zombie boy lives under the sea and only wants someone to be his friend.

Crazy Label just released some vinyl toys of The Putrid Pal. I'm gauging interest from readers and getting ready to order for myself. If anyone is interested in owning one of these little guys for themselves, please email me at MSRP is $29 each but I will be selling them for $25 each shipping included anywhere in the US. Orders will be placed in about a week so if interested email me with the quickness.

This little guy is made of vinyl and stands 5" tall. There are four colors available and each is a limited run of 300 pieces: Classic, Champignon, Blanc et Noir, and Tricolore.

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