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Friday, September 18, 2009

One Of The Coolest Things Ever... EVER!

Alright, so I'm a geek. I wear that badge like a medal of honor. I like science fiction, Star Wars, toys, and (of course) zombies. Something I've been wanting to do but have yet to get around to is having a family portrait zombified. I mean, what can be better than having a photograph of you and the ones you love turned into zombies?

Any lover of zombies and toys (the things, not the website) should be able to appreciate this one... Who reading this would like to have a sculpture of themselves looking like a zombie? Okay, okay, put your hands down. Well, I'm here to tell you that this dream can now become a reality. Bring in Dead Ringers. Heck, even the name is catchy. So keeping with this month's "zombie art" theme, let's talk about Dead Ringers.

So what is Dead Ringers? It's a joint effort of Martin Whitmore and Phil Hynes. It's a simple concept with great execution. You email Phil some photographs of yourself. You tell him what kind of zombie damage you would like to have. Missing an eye? Bite marks on your face? Blue skin? Green skin? Phil will sculpt you in all of your undead glory. Shortly after, your zombified self will end up in the hands of Martin where you will be painted.

For complete details and ordering information click here. You can turn your image or the image of someone you love into a zombified bust for around $100 or made into a statue called a "shambler" for around $175. Not exactly cheap, but look at what you're getting for your money. A personal hand sculpted and hand painted zombified version of yourself that could last a lifetime. I'll admit that my opinion and excitement is somewhat biased. I personally have a collection of busts and statues and the idea of having myself immortalized as a zombie is thrilling.

So here's what I'm doing... I am currently in the process of having a zombified version of myself made. Once this process is complete, I will post a review of the finished product as well as pictures of both myself and the sculpture in addition to some words from the creators. The reason behind my mentioning this prior to the finished product is two-fold. First, it keeps with this month theme of zombies in art. Second, it's news and I wanted to give everyone reading heads-up. We're approaching the end of September and it's prime time to get prepared for Halloween or start some holiday shopping. As a fan of zombies and toys, I would go absolutely nuts if someone were to give me a zombified sculpture of myself for Christmas.

So, you can wait for my review before ordering your own or make your decision sooner by checking out the links above. I expect Phil and Marty to be busy closer to the holidays so don't waste too much time. Expect some hands-on opinions very soon...

More pics can be found here.

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  1. Oh my god it would be like having your very own zombie action figure!
    Dang expensive though.. :-S
    Hmm.. might have to save for some time for this...


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