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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Scientifically-Proven, Live-Saving Advice For Surviving Attacks From The Undead

The science of zombies and zombie survival is one of my favorite topics to read about. Unfortunately, it'll probably take you longer to read the title of this post than the post itself...

The Escapist posted an article centered around the thoughts of physicist Davide Cassi from the Università di Parma in Italy. Cassi asked himself, "If I were being chased by predatory 'random walkers,' what would be the best hiding place to maximize my chances of survival?" Of course, we both know that "random walkers" are zombies.

Cassi used a physics model he calls the random walking model to predict the zombies' movement. This simple movement does not take into consideration a zombie's ability to "hunt" nor your ability to defend yourself. The model did prove that your best chances of survival are higher if you remain motionless in a complex structure. Hospitals, schools, malls, or any place with a vast amount of rooms, stairs, floors, and hallways will be your key to survival.

To (kinda) see this model in action, check out the previous post about the Zombie Attack Simulator.

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