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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Horror Realm - Part Two

So I'm back to wrap up my report on Horror Realm. Read the first part to hear about Frank Serrao, Robert Cordray, S.G. Browne, and Billy Tackett.

During my visit, I had the honor of meeting Kim Paffenroth. Kim is the author of several zombie novels including one of my personal favorites, Dying to Live. He has also written Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth, The World Is Dead, History Is Dead: A Zombie Anthology, Dying to Live: Life Sentence, as well as many others. Kim's Amazon page can be found here and you can check out Kim's blog here. Kim not only took the time to the book I brought and ones I purchased, he was also kind enough to offer a book for one of our contests and answer some fun zombie questions! Here's what Kim had to say:

If we were in the midst of a zombie fight and you were bitten, would you want me shoot you or leave you be? I don’t think being a zombie is going to be that bad so I’m going to say I’ll go sit under a tree.

If you were a zombie and had the opportunity to eat anyone's brain in the world, who's brain would you eat? That’s a tough one. On one end you should say a smart person, but on the other it would be nice to get someone who’s really bad. So you know, I think the world would be better off without Dick Cheney’s brain functioning. Its not doing us any good at the moment. I don’t know if I want that on the internet. I’ll have the secret service after me. (note to secret service reading: we were both laughing over this answer so please don't bust down Kim's door)

If we were going to make a Kim Paffenroth toy, would you be a zombie or a hero? I don’t know about hero... Okay, zombie slayer... I'd be the guy behind the scenes trying to organize the community.

What accessories would you come with? A Book and Binoculars.

Thanks to Kim Paffenroth for his time and kindness. I will probably be offering up all of the books and swag I obtained early next year. So don't wait around to check out some of his books!

I also had the opportunity to speak to Travis Adkins. Travis is responsible for several zombie novels including another one of my favorites, Twilight of the Dead. Travis was kind enough to offer his follow-up to Twilight, After Twilight: Walking with the Dead, for review. So (hopefully) I'll have that posted soon!

Also in attendance at Horror Realm was Ken Foree from Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Meeting Ken was really the only thing I found disappointing at Horror Realm. He declined to offer any comments to the few brief questions I had and didn't seem too thrilled to even sign a photo. I was able to catch him early on for a photo, though.

There were a hand full of vendors available in addition to all of the great guests in attendance. My personal favorite was the display provided by Sourpuss clothing and accessories. There was a large selection of genre shirts and even a large selection of children's sizes and onesies for the baby. Here are some pics of my son modeling his new zombie shirt. Actually, it's a young Frankenstein-type but I'm not going to tell him that. He's been wanting a zombie shirt for awhile.

Here are some pics of the other displays at the show:

Oh! I almost forgot... Here are the answers to the questions I asked of Frank Serrao.

If we were together when you were bitten by a zombie, would you want me to shoot you? Yes, blow my head off my shoulders!

If you were a zombie and could eat anyone's brain in the world, who would it be? Osama Bin Laden's to make sure he is payed back for all the destruction he caused.
If we were making you into a toy, would you be a zombie or a hero? A Zombie with sharp teeth.
When the zombie apocalypse happens, where do you want to be? Anywhere in a large military tank with plenty of food and fuel.

Frank was also kind enough to share the latest painting of The Grey Suit Zombie!

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