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Monday, September 7, 2009

Help Zombies & Toys!

This post is basically just an open invitation asking if anyone would care to help spread the word about Zombies & Toys. I'm looking for folks who would be kind enough to distribute Zombies & Toys postcards and/or magnets. So if you work at or know of businesses that would allow these to be left out, please shoot me an email at Video stores, comic shops, tattoo shops, record stores, movie theaters, any upcoming events, etc...

It's really all about you, the readers, anyway. I make no money from this site and with the exception of two banners have no real potential to. Even the swag I sell just barely covers cost of manufacturing and shipping. I figured, the more people who read and know about Zombies & Toys, the more likely I will be able to continue having contests and give-aways.

Thanks for reading and if you can help out give me a yell!


  1. If you'd like to send some promotional stuff my way, I will be sure to include a business card or flyer in each package I send out. I also sell at local horror events and would be happy to set up a display for you as well. Let me know.

    Happy Haunting,

  2. hey jason, we are out of your fliers and we have 3 big horror conventions these next 3 months. Let me know if you need our address again and we'll be glad to have them at our table as well as included in our orders!

  3. My firends usually hold a huge horror event during halloween and if they decide to do it this year I will send a message your way for you to send some postcards and magnets so I can distribute them but I will wait to see if they are for sure, that way you don'd waste promotional items being sent to me and that can be used more efficiently elsewhere. =^.^=

  4. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has emailed so far. I have more postcards on order and will have them out to those who request them by the end of the month.

    Of course, I'm happy to return the favor. I didn't realize there were so many readers who have their own zombie goings-ons that I didn't know about!

    If you are doing something zombie related, give me a yell. Zombie walks, shirts, sculptures, prints. If you are doing these things, chances are, most people reading would want to know anyway!


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