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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From The Science Channel: Is It A Good Idea To Study Zombie Attacks?

The only thing more entertaining than zombie news is zombie news taken seriously. Back in August, I posted about the mathematical model created to determine tactics to surviving a zombie attack. That bit of news seems to still be going strong. In fact, The Science Channel's Patrick J. Kiger talks about zombie attacks in his blog. Is This A Good Idea? is a blog where Patrick addresses such topics as global warming, animal hybrids, and cloning.

So... Is This A Good Idea? Preparedness For Zombie Attacks? is the latest topic addresses. Patrick goes as far as saying, "I would argue that unlike many of the things we fear, there actually is at least a possible, albeit tenuous, basis in reality for concern about zombies" citing the great article on How Stuff Works as proof that zombies just could happen. Patrick continues, "But whether real or imagined, a zombie attack is a potent metaphor. Think of the undead not as klutzy cannibals but as the X factor... the totally unexpected menace that suddenly confronts us."

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