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Friday, September 25, 2009

Dead Rising 2 News ...LOTS of Dead Rising 2 News

So I hear the folks over at Capcom were becoming jealous of all the attention Valve's Left 4 Dead 2 has been getting on Zombies & Toys. As a result, they have dropped a ton of Dead Rising 2 news to report on. Okay, so maybe Capcom doesn't know ZT even exists. But, hey, I still have a ton of Dead Rising 2 news to report!

First, is the official announcement that DR2 will have multiplayer. So, once zombies invade the entertainment hub of Fortune City (think, Las Vegas) what else is there to do but capitalize on it? Bring in the television show, "Terror is Reality". This show allows you and three friends to compete in a series of zombie killing challenges. Sounds like fun but a multiplayer story mode would be nice, too.

The goal of the challenges is to slay more zombies than your opponents. Winning will give you a large paycheck and allow you to come back for more prizes. The challenges are over the top and consist as fun romps like running over zombies in giant hampster balls, riding through hordes of undead on a motorcycle with chainsaws on the handlebars, and putting buckets on the zombies' heads. You'll even have the opportunity to see slow motion replays on the jumbotron screen!

Check out the new screen shots below and check out the additional news that follows.

This next bit of news comes from GamePro and I must admit, I thought it was a hoax. It looks like Frank West from from the original Dead Rising will be featured in a Wii exclusive fighting game, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.
It looks like Frank will use basic fighting moves. What's really exciting are his special moves. He has a baseball bat Grand Slam, golf club Giant Swing, and (of course) some zombie moves. He can summon zombies to throw, one that will grab an opponent from the opposite side of the screen, and even a zombie horde.

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