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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zombies Attack The Star Wars Universe!

I have said it before and I'll say it again: Bring me more zombies! Seriously, I can't get enough. I like zombies so much that I have devoted my time and money writing about them on these here internets. But even I cringed when I first heard of the concept of zombies in the Star Wars universe. As a self-proclaimed geek, I felt violated when I heard of these two worlds colliding.

I must admit, however, after reading a bit about the premise it doesn't sound too bad. After hearing about the inclusion of zombies into Pride and Prejudice, I proclaimed that zombies can make anything good. Well, maybe they can make something good better. Even worst-case, it can't be any worse than the chemistry between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman!

Star Wars: Death Troopers, written by Joe Shreiber, will be available in hard back from Random House on October 16th for $24. You can pre-order your copy by clicking here. Below is the synopsis from the Random House site:

"When the Imperial prison barge Purge–temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy’s most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels, and thieves–breaks down in a distant, uninhabited part of space, its only hope appears to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting, derelict, and seemingly abandoned. But when a boarding party from the Purge is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back–bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours nearly all aboard the Purge die in ways too hideous to imagine.

And death is only the beginning.

The Purge’s half-dozen survivors–two teenage brothers, a sadistic captain of the guards, a couple of rogue smugglers, and the chief medical officer, the lone woman on board–will do whatever it takes to stay alive. But nothing can prepare them for what lies waiting aboard the Star Destroyer amid its vast creaking emptiness that isn’t really empty at all. For the dead are rising: soulless, unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry."

Visit the official Death Troopers site by clicking here and learn how you can win a library of Star Wars books. Yup, create a fan-made trailer for the book for your chance to win a Star Wars book library.

Now we just need to feed the zombies Jar-Jar and make it a movie!

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  1. You had me at "Zombies."

    You kept me at "feed the zombies Jar-Jar."

    This will be the first Star Wars book I've looked forward to since the Zahn trilogy.


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