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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kirkman's The Walking Dead - Possibly the Greatest Fanboy News Ever!!!

This news has been everywhere and I apologize for not posting sooner but my job working for The Man sometimes gets in the way. This may be the most exciting news I've heard since the announcement that World War Z is going to become a movie. It has been announced that everyone's favorite zombie-themed comic, The Walking Dead, is being adapted into a television series.

Frank Darabont, who has directed The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist, is working with AMC to write and direct the series. VP at AMC, Joel Stillerman, said the series will keep the same tone as the comics and stay true to the original material.

"This is not about zombies popping out of closets... This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way."

If you're reading this blog and have not read Robert Kirkman's profound zombie epic, The Walking Dead, you need get yourself to the nearest book store and start. The trade books are readily available. The series follows former police officer, Rick Grimes, as he and his family try to survive in a world infested with zombies. The books concentrate more on the survivors and their new way of life among the dead. In fact, the zombies are more of a back-drop to the stories that take place. There is no way to predict who lives, who dies, and what happens. Events happen throughout the series that you would not have imagined.

Oh, and if you're already a fan, check out my review of Bowen Design's The Walking Dead statues and busts.

Stay tuned...


  1. Man... this is either the best news I have heard in years or the worst. I REALLY hope they get it right. It better be as gory and violent and gritty and real as the books, or I'm out. They have award-winning material on their hands if they just handle it properly. I'll remain optimistic, but I won't say there's not a tinge of skepticism under the surface. Thanks for breaking this news!

  2. Well, they flat-out said they're keeping true to the books. Even going as far as to say it's not a jump-out zombie story and it's about the characters. I'm with you, though, I'm slightly skeptic but waaaaaay more excited!


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