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Sunday, August 2, 2009

FearWerx Sponsors August's Give-Away!

Through my virtual travels on the good 'ol internets, I encounter and report about as much zombie related news as I can find. Sometimes these travels bring me to the doorstep of stores, companies, and vendors. It's always a good time when I can share news about great zombie merchandise but it's an even better time when I can tell you that one of these companies has agreed to give my readers some of their offerings.

FearWerx is the compay of whom I am referring to. Their store has more zombie and horror merchandise than I have space to write about so it is a must that you go check them out. I mean, they have Winchester Tavern pint glasses! What more can I say?

FearWerx is offering up a ton of goodies for our readers this month. So make sure to say "thank you" if you run into them at any conventions this summer.
Most recently, FearWerx will be at Monstermania in Cherry Hill; Aug 21-23.
They will also be at Rue Morgue in Toronto; Aug 28-30.

Due to the large amounts of prizes this month, be ready for some spur-of-the-moment chances for bonus entries. I'll have the usual FaceBook fan and Twitter follower bonuses in addition to a few more throughout the month. Because of the late start and amount of prizes available, the contest will run into September concluding on Friday the fourth.

So what are the prizes? One grand prize winner will receive a set of Mego-style Night of the Living Dead toys of Duane Jones as "Ben" and Bill Hinzman as "Graveyard Zombie". The grand prize winner will also receive one of FearWerx's notorious "Zombie Outbreak Survival Kits".

Three runners-up will each receive a "Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit".
Four other winners will each receive a set of Zombie Kit Warning Signs and Zombie Kit Warning Poster.

Every winner will also receive some Zombies & Toys SWAG which may include pins, keychains, magnets, stickers, or some other goodies.
In case you were wondering about the contents of the "Zombie Outbreak Survival Kit", it contains: 20' length of "Zombie Outbreak" barricade tape; 4 warning/hazard signs; 8 warning/hazard stickers; 8 zombie classification cards; 8 Z.E.R.O. cards; 2 zombie disposal "toe tags"; 1 "Zombie Attack" poster; 1 "Bite Kit"; 1 glow-in-the-dark Z.E.R.O. logo sticker; CD-ROM "Electronic Training Supplement".

Entering is as easy as ever: email me at with "FearWerx" as the subject. Make sure to include your name and address in case you are selected as a winner. To start with some fun, receive a second entry by including the name of the other Mego-type zombie FearWerx is currently offering. You may send a second email at a later date for your bonus entry.
Enough blabbing, feast your eyes on this month's goods!

By entering you agree not to hold myself or Zombies & Toys liable for razor burns, flat tires, rain, poor penmanship, athletes foot, expired coupons, or anything else your imagination can dream up. Entries will be provided to contest sponsor for promotional purposes.


  1. Wow that is a lot of stuff this month. You have some great sponsers. Its nice they do this for you and us :)

  2. Good work!
    The gear looks excellent!
    Thanks again!

  3. Thank you, Scott! And thanks to everyone who enters, reads, and comments. I'll keep trying to line up more fun as long as you keep reading!

  4. Email sent...I hope I win! My hubby would LOVE some of this loot!

  5. Awesome! This would make a great wedding gift for me :)


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