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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Deadgirl Movie Review

First, I would like to thank Caitlin at Falco Inc Film Publicity for the opportunity to review this film. The homepage for Deadgirl can be found here. The DVD release will be on Sept 15 and you can pre-order your copy here. I apologize if the review is somewhat vague. I'm a huge fan of being surprised when I see a film and don't like to mention details that could ruin your viewing experience.

Deadgirl. A movie about a zombie without saying "zombie". It would even be wrong to actually say it's a zombie film. At least it's not the type of movie you imagine when one mentions "zombie". Deadgirl is more of a movie about two young men and what they do when they find a ...well, dead girl. Is it worth watching? Yes. Read on as I explain with a bit more depth. Like my other reviews, there will be no spoilers but you can expect some revealing of key moments.

Rickie (Shiloh Fernandez) and J.T. (Noah Segan) are two of your run-of-the-mill troubled youths. While outside during a fire drill, J.T. coaxes Rickie to skip the remainder of the day to drink some warm beer. Of course, what better place to drink beer than an abandoned hospital?

All is going well until a stray dog wandering around inside chase our duo into a particularly desolate area of the hospital's basement. Searching for a way out, they break their way into a room where they discover a female body under a sheet of clear plastic. Even though her arms and legs are tied down, they notice some movement. Rickie wants to notify the authorities while J.T. forcefully expresses an alternate idea. J.T. wants to keep the girl as their own personal plaything. Soon after, it is discovered that even though she is moving, she is not alive.

Even though they swore they would keep this discovery a secret between them, J.T. lets another friend in on the fun. The trio are somewhat outcasts in their school, a typical scenario in teen-angst movies. So, of course, when backed into a corner by the "jocks" of the school the news gets out about their sex slave. This alters some plans for better and for worse that J.T. had for his possession.

I'll stop here as I don't want to ruin any specifics. Again, this is a movie about the actions and reactions of a group of teenage boys in a very bizarre situation. The fact that there is a zombie isn't the meat of the film; it's a situation. There are some things I did not like but discussing those would give away too much. I will say that it is a good film. View the trailers below; They don't give away much and will add a nice visual to parts of the review. Be warned that both show some nudity and the second is the red band trailer.

Acting is rough at points and some of the stereotypes get a bit played but that's usually par for the course with movies of this type. Towards the end, new discoveries unfold leading to new destinations. For the most part characters handle the situations they are in well and there are enough developments to keep you interested. Watch the movie, just don't expect hordes of shambling zombies; Just a dead girl.

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