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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zombies And The San Diego Comic Convention

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is a toy geek's wet dream. New toy lines are previewed, major toy news is announced, and exclusive toys are in abundance. The SDCC is July 23 - 26 at the San Diego Convention Center. Click here for more info.

For those lucky enough to attend, please stop by to say hello and thank October Toys for offering up the goods for this month's contest. While you are there, make sure to take advantage of their exclusive offerings as well including some limited, hand-painted GWINs! You can find our friends at booth #4838.

Shocker Toys has some zombie goodness to offer atendees as well. From the pages of the Dead World comic, Shocker Toys presents King Zombie. I haven't read Dead World yet but know it's been around for a minute. I'm interested to hear responses from those of you that do read it. You can find Shocker Toys at booth #3849. From the Shocker Toys site:

Leader of the zombies, King Zombie!

Leader of the zombies is the intelligent, Harley riding, sarcastic being known as King Zombie. Killing humans is just a sideline to his cruel methods as he seeks to find a way to open the gates permanently and take over the earth.

Deadworld is a horror comic that attacks the zombie menace from a different perspective. In addition to having intelligent zombies with a goal and mission, Deadworld is also exploring the human interactions as mankind finds itself facing extinction. While some groups organize in the best interests of self-preservation, others use this as an opportunity to explore their own self deluded dreams.

Finally, the Godfathers of zombie toys, Sideshow Collectibles, will have some exclusives as well. I have already mentioned their zombie offerings The Butcher and Mort and they may both be pre-sold out already. But you can head over to their booth (#1929) to make sure.

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